Combination of management and human
Management is an art and science, whom want to do a job with skill and ease in the management , everything in good order and well arranged, it depends on whether has the perfect management system . The humanized management is undoubtedly worth promoting. PUNEDA find a perfect convergence point  between science and humanity, And make the management of art shine.


Quanlity mangement syemtem
Quality is the key for enterprises' existence, the company severe urge of quality control on every piece of the company's products .
In the strict implementation of the quality management process procedure, quality control organization's goal has always been to every link of supervision and control of the production process,the Surety Company of each product conforms to the standard and even beyond the standard perfected. In order to meet the requirement of different customers.


Financial management system
The rapid flow of cash flow which is a prerequisite to ensure the stable development of the company. Execute the financial policy, strict the financial discipline, the income and expenditure account accurate records.
A healthy and orderly financial management is directly related to the normal operation of the company.PENUDA according to their own actual conditions, use advanced financial management experience, to build a stable and orderly, rapid and efficient financial management system, to ensure that all company assets steady appreciation.


The human resource manangement system
Rapid changes of customer demand, the rapid development of technology innovation, unstoppable global economic integration, enterprises owned funds, scale,
technology and other advantages are very brief, lasting only build the human resource competitiveness of enterprises can be everlasting!
PENUDA fully aware that the most valuable corporate assets is a talent, In the full reserve of talents, building the human resources management system.
The implementation of talent incentive mechanism and elimination mechanism, which makes the PENUDA at any time have a wealth of experience.