Shenzhen PUNEDA Industrial Co., Ltd is the first car refrigerator production enterprises in China engaged in car refrigerator fifteen years, advocate the concept of "How ever you are we will be always here". We have modern business atmosphere in internal operation, internal coordination, smooth relationship, and  corporate image.

From 1998 to now, PNDA focuses the attention and trust all over the word. has been corporate with different field, such as automobile 4S shop, bank, telecommunication, gift companies. We hope our products can closer to your life.

PNDA also active to the various social services, enhance the PNDA brand publicity in society and in the minds of consumers. PNDA car refrigerator to make your life more comfortable! 

Shenzhen PUNEDA Industrial Co., Ltd is a special sponsor of Shenzhen football fans club.
The Pictures are for the Super League football matches, PNDA staff composed of cheerleaders, dressed in uniform clothing, cheering for the team.


Excited football match

Company staff are absorbed in watching the match

Look at football field,Our staff dressed in uniform clothing, cheer for the team

sponsor big bonfire for  fans of the club members

Our car refrigerator dept. sponsors a self driving activity for the club

Sponsor the club's self driving activity

Sponsor the club's self driving activity for car club

Sponsorship ZiJiaYou activities brilliant

Sponsor the club's self driving activity for car owner

Sponsor the self driving activity

Sponsor The JIAJUN Match


Together with Guangzhou Honda  held a wonderful outdoor activities

 won the car prize

Our  enterprise culture